Our services: general medicine, physiotherapy, personal training, health coaching, nutrition, and more!


General medicine for the whole family

The physicians who form part of our international medical team have lived and worked in countries including the United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland, and Cyprus.

Their personal experience as expatriates allows them to understand their patients, including the challenges they experience when changing countries, jobs, cultures or languages.

The international community living in Barcelona and Catalonia- as well as temporary visitors passing through- can schedule an appointment with our practitioners who speak English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Greek.

The top-notch international professionals at Healthcare Barcelona have experience in family medicine and primary care. They offer 30-minute visits.

Our doctors provide personalized attention and are committed to truly listening to the patient’s concerns- referring to the multidisciplinary expertise of the rest of the professional team at Healthcare Barcelona as needed.

Meet our doctors

Dr. Femke Ellens  I Family Medicine

Dr. Femke Ellens I Family Medicine

Dr. Ilham Abdelarahim  I Family Medicine

Dr. Ilham Abdelarahim I Family Medicine


Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) with professionals trained in the “Nordic approach”

The physiotherapists (physical therapists) at Healthcare Barcelona received their training and certifications in the Netherlands and speak English, Dutch, German, and Spanish.

Our team integrates international professionals with diverse but complementary specialties. They have been serving the community since 2013 as part of Running Barcelona and Physiotherapy Barcelona.

With knowledge and methodology based in the Nordic style, they offer individualized and active treatments; that is, they do not use electronic devices or thermal treatments, nor do they treat multiple patients at once.

In 60 minute, one-on-one sessions, they combine various treatments as needed to obtain the best results, such as:

  • Physiotherapy  (Physical Therapy)

  • Manual therapy

  • Personal training

  • Dry needling


Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy)

Active participation in your recovery is key to the approach used by the international physiotherapists at Healthcare Barcelona.

Once they’ve  learned about your medical history, your lifestyle, and your goals, our professionals will give you a series of exercises for you to practice at home. They will follow your progress at each visit, ensuring you’re on the most direct path to recovery.

Our objective is to achieve results rapidly which will continue to benefit you for the long term.

What type of treatments are offered at Healthcare Barcelona?

We offer treatment for back, head, neck, shoulder, arm, and knee pain as well as the treatment of sports injuries, sciatic nerve pain, chronic back pain, muscle problems like strains and sprains, workplace injuries, and postoperative rehabilitation, among others.

Meet our physiotherapists.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a physical treatment used to treat musculo-physical pain and disability. Manual therapy works to improve mobility with treatments focused on joints, muscles, nerves, and their interconnections.

The most commonly used treatments range from the movement of joints in specific directions at different speeds and passive movements to the opposition of the patient’s movement to activate the muscles and promote mobility. Manual therapy also includes medical training, soft tissue techniques, and assessment for prevention of future injuries.

Dry Needling

A new and effective treatment within physiotherapy, dry needling is used to treat muscular pain and myofascial pain syndrome.

This method consists of inserting very fine needles (similar to those used in acupuncture) in the affected muscle to provoke a localized muscular contraction, which is followed by relaxation of the muscular fibres.

The needles work at Trigger Points within the muscle and briefly stimulate them. These Trigger Points are a sensitive part of the muscle which become painful when compromised, causing stiffness in parts of the body which may affect locations far away from the activation points.

This treatment is known as dry needling because it’s performed without need for any type of liquid within the muscle. It’s the needle itself which provokes the reparative effect of the treatment. This technique is based on Western anatomical and neurophysiological principles and should not be confused with acupuncture, although they use similar instruments.

What can cause a Trigger Point within the body?

  • Acute damage caused by an erroneous movement or injury

  • Chronic damage caused by prolonged poor posture

  • Repetitive movements like computer use, affecting the shoulders, arms and neck

  • Overuse or injury in athletes

  • Muscle spasms, like those following meniscus injuries or disc hernias

  • Long-term immobility like that caused by braces or slings

  • Emotional factors such as stress and depression

  • Sleep disorders

 Meet our specialist in Dry Needling, Daniela Kunz.


Coaching and Energy Management: for a healthy body and mind

The coaching offered by Koen Willems at Healthcare Barcelona could be defined as “health coaching” or “energy management”. It looks to balance the physical and mental aspects of the various demands of daily life such as family, work, and athletics.

The goal of health coaching is to increase your energy levels, leading to improvements in both physical and mental health and performance.

Health coaching sessions are designed for people with demanding lives, like managers, expatriates, elite athletes, patients with chronic or serious health conditions, and working parents.


Personal Training and Rehabilitation for all Levels of Activity

At Healthcare Barcelona, we firmly believe that training your body is essential to maximizing your physical and mental wellbeing.

Our multidisciplinary team with international certifications offers personal training, centered in whole-person health, with the goal to boost energy levels and improve your day-to-day performance.

Personal training can serve as an injury-prevention method as well as provide active recovery following injury.

We are confident that we can help you to achieve all that your body is capable of. We work alongside athletes of all levels, from the hobby athlete to the professional.

Meet our specialist in personal training and rehabilitation, Juul Crauwels.

Our partner facility, Running Barcelona, offers running training in Barcelona for individuals as well as medium-sized and large groups. Training is available for all levels and intensities, from beginners to professionals.

Running Barcelona’s services are ideal for getting a great workout, improving your technique, or preparing for that special race you’ve had in mind. Barcelona offers incredible opportunities for runners to enjoy the mountains and the sea as well as to explore this beautiful city.

Are you interesting in running training in Barcelona?


Nutrition: We all deserve a healthy relationship with food

Nutrition is a valuable part of your well-being. Thanks to the multidisciplinary approach of the international professionals at Healthcare Barcelona, we can help you align your nutrition with your overall health and wellness goals. 

Each person comes with their own unique history and relationship with nutrition, food and wellness. Therefore, we serve them in a personalized way. We adapt to you, not to the latest fad diet!

How can we help you reach your wellness, weight management, and athletic performance goals?

At your first visit, we’ll discuss your goals and motivations. We’ll explore your current habits, lifestyle, schedule, and preferences, because we adapt to you- not the other way around. We’ll thoroughly review your health history, without excluding the emotional aspects. We’ll work to resolve any concerns that trouble you and develop a plan that fits with your goals and lifestyle. You’ll go home with the tools, resources, and confidence you need to acheive your goals.

Our nutritionist also offer follow-up visits, grocery store tours, home visits, and cooking demonstrations.

Meet our nutritionist Kaitlin Callahan