New concept health care centre for the international community in Barcelona


Healthcare Barcelona will offer family medicine, physiotherapy, manual therapy, dry needling, rehabilitation and performance training, coaching, nutrition and more...

Our professionals possess international qualifications obtained in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and the USA.

Ready for a new concept of primary health care? We are especially dedicated to the international and expatriate community in Barcelona and Catalonia.

The consulting specialists at Healthcare Barcelona are top-level and internationally renowned, with certifications obtained in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and the USA, and with experience in multiple countries and regions around the world. General Practitioners, physiotherapists, coaches and nutritionists speaking English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Greek...

Thanks to the experience of the professionals at Healthcare Barcelona as expats themselves, who have a wide cultural background and speak different languages, they understand the patients’ needs firsthand as expats or being part of the international community, both as residents and temporary visitors.

All of them share the same philosophy: to work as a team to offer the best health care and well-being service, with personalised attention and dedicating the time necessary to understand the problems of the international community based in Barcelona and Catalonia (30 or 60-minute sessions as a minimum), preferably in their own language or in English, with a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, as if they were in their country of origin.

The new centre, located at Carrer Puig-Reig 10 in Barcelona (between Balmes and Ronda General Mitre), has specially designed spaces to make the visitor feel comfortable, with individual examination rooms for all the medical and health care services offered at the centre such as General Medicine, Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy, Performance Training and Rehabilitation, as well as yoga sessions.

The centre will be open from 13th June at Carrer Puig-Reig, 10 in Barcelona (08006), between Balmes and Ronda General Mitre.  Discounts are available to cover car parking costs.

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